Welcome to choose our shuttle services. Be My Guest Shuttle is a brand-new Benz Mercedes Mini Van which can seat up to 11 persons. We travel our guests from Matiatia Bay/Kennedy Point to our properties located in Oneroa, Onetangi, Ostend, Surldale, Palm Beach and Omiha.

Currently we run every Friday from 12:00pm-4:00pm, and the price for every one-way travel are as below:

✔ Matiatia Ferry - Oneroa                   $60/ shuttle

✔ Matiatia Ferry - Ostend/Sulfdale/Palm Beach        $80/ shuttle  

✔ Matiatia Ferry - Omiha/Onetangi     $100/ shuttle

✔ Kennedy Point - Oneroa                     $80

✔ Kennedy Point - Ostend/Sulfdale/Palm Beach       $60/ shuttle

✔ Kennedy Point - Omiha/Onetangi      $80/ shuttle


Note:Considering some difficult road conditions, we're sorry that we're not able to serve the shuttle for every holiday home

So when you book accomodaitions with us, we'll send you the shuttle information included in confirmation email for you to book, and you can also email or phone us if you have any questions about the shuttle arrangement.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +64 9 372 8462 - option 1